Who is The Venetian

The Story Begins..

A man walks down a dark alleyway with his hood draped over his head. He reaches for the back door of an old abandoned theater. The rain outside as caused the door to squeak as he pulls it open. He drops his bag on the floor as he makes his way towards an old dusty and cracked vanity mirror. He reached into his pocket for a compact of black and white face paint. He whips just enough dust off the mirror to see his face, and begins to apply the old paint as he hums along to the tunes in his head. For the man known simply as The Venentian, this more than just any from of art. It’s a mix between fear and love, rock and opera, real and unreal, between home and a far away strange land. This is his music, his theatrical performance, his way of life on stage for the world to experience.

Originally hailing from Venice, Italy, this classically trained musician made his was to Los Angeles to chase his dream after graduating from the Conservatory Of Music. Being influenced by greats such as Queen and The Beatles, The Venentian’s obsession with music started at the age of 15. Whiling furthering his studies at The Musicians Institute in Hollywood, The Venetian started working on his debut album, “I Wanna Tell You A Story”. It’s a concept album where death and love are emphasized with a strong warm voice and a crispy guitar sound. It tells the tale of a young man and his father.

Once the face paint is applied, and the suit is on, The Venentian is ready to take center stage. Mixing original compositions and covers of your favorite bands, this becomes more than just a show, it’s “THE” show. Weather this is you’re first time at a Venetian rock opera, or your hundred time, you will loose yourself and find yourself at the carnival in Venice.


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