Take A Walk On The Wild Side

The underground music scene and the musicians that occupy have always been ahead of the curve.  You probably wont agree with that statement, but you have to admit the underground music pushes the creative envelop and, more importantly, takes a walk on the wild side.


This past Sunday we lost Lou Reed, a rock pioneer who went from record label songwriter to a member of the short-lived but innovative and influential Velvet Underground. Reed had a profound impact on American culture, introducing avant garde rock and pop art to mainstream music.

Some of Lou’s best-known songs include I’m Waiting for the Man, Satellite of Love, Heroin, Perfect Day, Pale Blue Eyes and Walk on the Wild Side. Reed was one of the first artists to experiment with guitar feedback on record and to show that sort of ugly noise can actually be quite beautiful and moving. Using his music to tell stories, Lou brought dark themes and a sometimes aggressive disposition to rock music.

I like to think of Lou as an innovative artist, a blend between poet, storyteller and musician. As a musician, I’ve been inspired by Lou’s music and challenged to turn my lyrics into poetic stories. I believe all musicians should be more ambitious in their unique creativity. RIP Lou, you’ve left an important mark in rock’s history.

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